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Hire The Right Company

What the Iowa Attorney General has to say about selecting the right company to complete your home repairs

Avoid Same Day Savings

Don’t be pressured into a “today-only” sale price. Reputable contractors will honor their quoted price for more than a day. If it’s good only for today, walk away.

Contractors often promise discounts for customers who are seniors or veterans, or will pay in cash, allow the contractor to place a sign in their yard and be a “display home,” or provide the contractor with referrals to family and friends. Homeowners shouldn’t be swayed by promises of special pricing and discounts, but instead shop around for the best bottom-line price and terms.

Don't Give A Deposit

Requests for money down. Most contractors have a line of credit with suppliers and subcontractors allowing them to buy now and pay later once the project is completed.  If the contractor is asking for advance money, he or she may not have a credit line and/or may not intend to start or complete the project in a timely manner.  In any contract, whoever has the money has the power.  Once you pay the contractor money in advance, you lose your ability to manage the contractor and the project.

Avoid High Pressure Sales

Beware of the following: “This price is good today only;” getting a discount to be a display home; or listening to the contractors personal problems and feeling the need to help him.  These tactics are specifically designed to get your money.

It may seem like the contractor is doing you a favor by offering you a discount with the same day savings but if they can offer it today why can't they offer it tomorrow or next week? Typically if they offer a same day discount they also want a deposit to lock you into your decision. 

Once they get your deposit Iowa State law grants you three days to get it back. After three days most companies will keep your money even if you decide not to get the work done. Some companies won't complete the project for months after you sign the contract and if life hits and it prevents you from completing the project you are out your deposit money which can be 1000's of dollars

Companies use different tactics to get your money. If a salesman is "counseling" you through the buying decision after you said no its a good indicator they are high pressure. Some will offer you multiple ways to pay, or try to get you to move forward before seeking advice from someone you trust. Most if not all of the companies that use high pressure sales want a deposit. 

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